The Power of a Wide Vision

James Harmon’s book Take My Advice: Letters to the Next Generation From People Who Know a Thing or Two is a collection of letters that Harmon received when he asked creative people for advice. The advice came from writers, poets, independent film actors, and artists.  Poet Robert Creeley was one of the writers who gave … Continue reading The Power of a Wide Vision

Correcting Mistakes Continued

Bob Schacochis continues in his letter to James Harmon published in Harmon’s book Take My Advice to explain a lesson he learned about making and correcting mistakes.  As a young college student working as a carpenter Schacochis learned a lesson in excellence when his work was corrected by a carpenter he was shadowing.  Schacochis had put something together and … Continue reading Correcting Mistakes Continued

Persistance and Dreams

Published in James Harmon’s collection of letter from creative writers, actors, designers, and musicians, a letter from writer Bob Schacochis offers insight into the process of creating meaningful work. Schacochis writes, “Hey, it took a long time; as often as not I felt I was wrong, deluded, crazy to have dreams and cursed to have ambition.” … Continue reading Persistance and Dreams

Ask the Right Questions

Dave Birss writes in his book, A Users Guide to the Creative Mind, about being creative, finding new solutions, and combining ideas and perspectives to create something new. On solving problems he writes, “The best way to find the right solution is to make sure you’re asking the right question.”  I am a huge fan of this … Continue reading Ask the Right Questions

Your Posture, Your Surroundings, & Your Creativity

In episode 1 of the Mindful Creator Podcast host Brett Henley speaks with a good friend of his about yoga, mindfulness, and productivity. One of the things that he and his guest discuss is having the ability to refocus our minds through awareness and small changes in our lives. For the guest he was speaking with, changing … Continue reading Your Posture, Your Surroundings, & Your Creativity