Novel Learning with Joe Abittan

My name is Joe Abittan and I am the co-host of the Blue Pulse Podcast, a radio show all about marine biology. The podcast is my second venture into the radio world following my college show, Smart Students Podcast, and this blog is my third writing adventure.  I enjoy being creative and expressing my voice and thoughts.

This blog is my common place book. It is the place where I take all of the highlighted sections and notes I write while reading, and record my thoughts about those sections. Novel learning is my way of recording what I have learned, and forcing my brain to churn back through my thoughts and notes, so that everything I learn sticks in my mind, and also exists in a searchable location. Novel learning is not a novel idea, common place books are as old as the ancient Romans, but technology sure helps me make my common place book a seriously effective tool. All of my posts are originally written in Evernote where I can return to search for topics, themes and ideas at any time.

I hope my novel learning experiment with making my common place book available to all provides some value to me, and the world.

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