Continuing with Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt, I highlighted a section reading, “What if the decision that was good for now was also good for later? What if I just couldn’t see it yet? This quote reminds me of the previous post, and making that decision to get going with something new. It may seem like a good decision, but it may be very difficult, and the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, and the overall fear of starting something new may block our vision of what is good for us in the future and now.
A quote by Steve Jobs is passed around frequently, “It is only until we look back that we see how the dots connect.” and while Mr. Jobs was absolutely correct, I prefer to look to the advice of a writer I really look up to, Paul Jun. Paul is an impresario of sorts, someone who connects people, and he makes connecting the dots an all day practice, not just a reflective exercise.  He wrote a breezy 70 page book called, Connect the Dots in which he talked about how our daily decisions build up to something more.  He talked about being intentional about creativity, learning, and self-awareness to harness the power to connect the dots in our day to day lives. In this way, Paul is being mindful with everything he does to see the way that what decisions are good for now will be beneficial in the future as well. He focuses on understanding himself, and where he wants to be, and brings in an idea of patience to change the focus from worrying whether a decision will be good for now and later, and instead trusts that he can make the right decisions to build bridges that will connect his dots later.

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